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Brad Guesman

Physics - Music - Code



Hi, my name is Brad—a few things first. I enjoy making music, abstracting problems, and watching Firefly. I like to mix together things that people don't usually mix together, like indie pop and code.

I'm currently a student at Brown University studying computer science and physics, writing music and taking multimedia classes in between problem sets and CS projects. I've interned at startups working on wireless charging at a distance and cloud based music editing, and I lead Brown University STEAM, a group focused on breaking down the barriers between disciplines.

As much as I like to dive in deep on isolated subjects, we too often assign the things we study to artificial categories that prevent us from thinking outside the box.

I think it's true that the best innovations lie at the intersection of creative thinking and analytical understanding–of art and science. I try to live and work at this crossroads.

For more about me and the stuff I've done, check out my projects and my resume.

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